Our Programs

At Dave Truck Driving School, we provide Truck Driving lessons which are high quality and gets you Commercial Driving License

Behind the Wheel Driving Gain Real Driving Experience

Our training programs ensure the students learn the best tools needed to succeed in the trucking industry. Our highly skilled instructors teach all ages and use their expertise to make learning easy and enjoyable. They work hard to give their students a great learning experience, their undivided attention, continuity in the learning process, and to instill confidence in their students.


Get started in the trucking industry

Choose a program from below

120 Hours
Class A Commercial Truck Driver Most Popular
  • 1-on-1 Focused training
  • 20 Hrs Classroom, 80 Hrs Yard Skills, 20 Hrs on Road
  • Plenty of truck time
  • No waiting for your turn

Cannot decide which truck driving school suits your needs?

Here are 4 things to look for

  • Program
  • Equipments
  • Costs
  • Jobs

Choose a school whose programs have flexible timings

  • At Dave Truck Driving School, our classes start from 0700 hrs to 2100 hrs, 5 days a week. On weekends, 0800 hrs to 1100 hrs. Providing everyone with a suitable time slot to choose from
  • Classes in our program run all day
  • 1-on-1 Focused Training. Unlike other training schools class size is limited to 3-4 students(max) this gives 1-on-1 time to each students which helps them focus better

Look for Equipments you are trained one

  • At Dave Truck Driving School, we train on a 2012 Freightliner with a 10 speed manual transmission. If you can drive this you can drive anything!!
  • We don’t pretend to teach truck driving on a tow truck with a straight 6 manual transmission. Sorry, nothing against tow trucks, but it doesn’t make you a professional truck driver
  • We  train on 28 ft trailers & not flat beds, again real truck real equipment training!

What are you paying & why?

  • To understand pricing, you need to understand about truck driving schools in USA
  • Accredited Schools
    • 120-140 hrs courses
    • Costs $4000-$7000
    • Generally group of 4-5 students
  • Non-Accredited Schools
    • 2 weeks to 5 weeks courses
    • Costs federally capped at $2500.00
    • Generally group of 5-7 students
  • At Dave Truck Driving School we provide 1-on-1 focused training, with a group of maximum 3-4 students

Do the schools provide Job Placements?

  • There is a serious need of “qualified” drivers
  • At Dave Truck Driving School, we make students “qualified” drivers and so provide placements in local jobs