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[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][driving_school_testimonials slider_type=”2″][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”Dylan Pandya” call_action=”|title:Open%20on%20Google%20Maps|target:%20_blank|”]”Really good place to learn ,Nirups style of teaching is very different ,he is very patient and systematic . Highly recommend Nirup’s School of truck driving.”[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”Ashanti Durell” call_action=”|title:Open%20on%20Google%20Maps|target:%20_blank|”]”I chose this school because of 1on 1 driving and don’t regret it all .I highly recommend Nirups School of Truck Driving.”[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”Lucinda Smith” call_action=”|title:Open%20on%20Google%20Maps|target:%20_blank|”]”This is by far the best school for truck driver training hands down. I agree with the others nobody beats Nirups 1 on 1 program highly recommend Nirup”[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”Luis Lopez” call_action=”|title:Open%20on%20Google%20Maps|target:%20_blank|”]”Just got my CDL thanks Nirup loved your attention to detail ,1-on-1 teaching worked for me . highly recommend.”[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”Safa Zerimeche” call_action=”|title:Open%20on%20Google%20Maps|target:%20_blank|”]”Nirup, thank you again, I could not ask for a better teacher. You’re always available for your students, and you know the right and faster ways to teach. Keep doing this bro, your school is good.”[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”Michael Douglas” call_action=”|title:Open%20on%20Google%20Maps|target:%20_blank|”]”If you learn best one on one Nirup school is the one for you. He’s very patient, and he takes the time to show you the correct way to do things. You also get plenty of truck time.”[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”Ann” call_action=”|title:Open%20on%20Google%20Maps|target:%20_blank|”]”I couldn’t ask for a better teacher. He listens to my concerns and questions. He answered my questions with direct answers. It is real, full time, 1 on 1 training. No spending hours on in, in a classroom. You get real hands on training with just him and you. You also get to learn in a stick shift instead of an automatic which helped me find a job right away since most schools only teach you how to drive an automatic.”[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”Brent Martin” call_action=”|title:Open%20on%20Google%20Maps|target:%20_blank|”]”Nirup is awesome guys. Very nice to work with, relaxed but very professional and tells you all you need to know to pass your CDL exam. I would highly recommend Nirup’s trucking school for meeting you where you are at and helping to motivate you to move forward as quick as possible. His equipment is also very nice and easy to use. He has a manual truck for those of you wanting to learn on a manual transmission.”[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”August Kugler” call_action=”|title:Open%20on%20Google%20Maps|target:%20_blank|”]”When I considered all other trucking schools available, Nurip’s trucking school stood out from the rest. One on one instruction, individualized evaluation and laid out plan of attack to address weaknesses, and most of all, Nurip’s unwavering commitment to accommodate all his students with opportunities of hours and hours of truck time to hone skills at our slow/fast pace of learning. In my observations of other trucking schools, I found it quite daunting & challenging to get adequate truck time to be able to learn my skills quickly. Nurip works quite hard for every single student which other trucking schools just can’t claim. This is the best school for you to achieve success! I highly recommend this school!”[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”Gunn Patel” call_action=”|title:Open%20on%20Google%20Maps|target:%20_blank|”]”Very knowledgeable person i would highly recommend this school.”[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”Sukhvir Tumber” call_action=”|title:Open%20on%20Google%20Maps|target:%20_blank|”]”Very good school, I really like his one on one training. He is patient, breaks down everything step by step and best what I like no rush . Highly recommend Nirup.”[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”Dhruv Shah” call_action=”|title:Open%20on%20Google%20Maps|target:%20_blank|”]”I checked with Nirup for truck driving lessons. Very professional and great pricing. Still very new but I highly recommend.”[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”John Duval” call_action=”|title:Open%20on%20Google%20Maps|target:%20_blank|”]”I just signed up with Nirup after speaking to him. He was kind enough to share his story of how he had hit rock bottom and worked his way back up through Truck Driving. He could relate to me as I am where he was 3 yrs ago . He gave me hope and assured me God Loves us all just believe in yourself you can do it . I am sure I will succeed with Nirup .”[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”Maya Jones” call_action=”|title:Open%20on%20Google%20Maps|target:%20_blank|”]”This school is really really worth it , highly recommend i had paid to go to another school $1800 . It was like sheep a bunch of us waiting in line to get a chance to drive, skills you take your turn . At Nirup’s none of that its all you 1-on-1 plenty of drive time work per schedule just loved Nirup place . I would definitely recommend Nirup Got my CDL by the way 1 shot”[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”Dixita Pandya” call_action=”|title:Open%20on%20Google%20Maps|target:%20_blank|”]”This is by far the best truck driving school as far as quality value professional and communication is concerned . getting my cdl was a wark in the park mainly because of the way the school is setup 1-on -1 training way to go Nirup Highly recommend it”[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”Joy Mandal” call_action=”|title:Open%20on%20Google%20Maps|target:%20_blank|”]”Thank you Nirup & Team. Best Academy for learning driving”[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”David Brown” call_action=”|title:Open%20on%20Google%20Maps|target:%20_blank|”]”I highly recommend Nirup got my CDL after failing 2 times with other school ,won’t mention name because Nirup says that’s un professional . Let the past be past I came to Nirup explained my situation , he tested me saw where i was adjusted his fees accordingly and I got my CDL yeah Nirup is the way to go >>>>>”[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”Ajay Mannepalli” call_action=”|title:Open%20on%20Google%20Maps|target:%20_blank|”]”Great place to get your driving lessons. Professional, experienced and patient instructor for one on one lessons.”[/driving_school_testimonials_items][driving_school_testimonials_items ratting=”5″ rev_name=”Bhavesh Pandya” call_action=”|title:Open%20on%20Google%20Maps|target:%20_blank|”]”Very polite and professional experienced instructor for truck driving lessons.”[/driving_school_testimonials_items][/driving_school_testimonials][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row el_class=”about-page-promo4″][vc_column][promo4banner title=”Get you CDL” background=”1325″ cover_img=”51″]Choosing Best Truck Driving Driving School with 1-on-1 focused training

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